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この度はDear Blossomの商品をお買い上げいただき、誠にありがとうございます。




Dear Blossom正規取扱い店舗(株式会社ジェネシスデザインが運営する店舗、以下「正規取扱い店舗」)でお買い上げいただきました商品につきましては、下記の範囲で修理保証もしくは返品・交換を承ります。

1. 修理保証



  • ご使用になられた上での消耗、磨耗、キズ、変色、変質など

  • ご本人様に限らず、故意または過失によって生じた破損

  • あらゆる自然災害によって生じた破損

  • 保証の有効期間(お買い上げ日より2年)を超過した場合

  • 有効期間内に保証対象として、修理の履歴を有する場合

  • 正規取扱い店舗以外で修理または加工等をしたことがあると当社が認める場合

2. 返品・交換









Dear Blossom 浅草店
〒111-0033 東京都台東区花川戸2-7-7 FBビル


Thank you for purchasing Dear Blossom products.


Please be advised that the guarantee card and receipt included with your purchase are necessary for repairs, returns, exchanges, etc. Therefore, please read the following instructions carefully and keep them stored securely.

(Note: Only the original guarantee card and receipt are valid. Image copies are not accepted.)

Repair Guarantee, Returns, and Exchanges

For products purchased from Dear Blossom authorized retailers (operated by Genesis Design Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Authorized Retailers"), we offer repair guarantee or returns/exchanges under the following conditions:

1. Repair Guarantee

In case of product damage, we will cover all or part of the repair costs according to the following conditions. However, please note that there are cases where we cannot accept repairs depending on the extent of the damage. Furthermore, the customer is responsible for the repair costs if the following items apply:

Items not covered by the guarantee:

  • Normal wear and tear, scratches, discoloration, etc., resulting from use

  • Damage caused by intentional or negligent acts, regardless of the person

  • Damage caused by natural disasters

  • Exceeding the guarantee period (2 years from the purchase date)

  • Instances where repair history exists within the guarantee period

  • Products repaired or modified outside of Authorized Retailers, as recognized by Dear Blossom

2. Returns and Exchanges

If you find any defects or inconveniences in the purchased products, please contact the Authorized Retailers with the receipt and guarantee card attached. Defective items are eligible for returns or exchanges. However, please note that items meeting the following criteria are not eligible for returns or exchanges:

Items not eligible for returns/exchanges:

  • Already used

  • Custom orders

  • Exceeded 7 days from the purchase date

  • Repair or modification history exists

  • Requested by the customer's convenience

  • Items with characteristics such as silver tarnishing

Additionally, please understand that handcrafted products may have indentations or distortions due to the unique hammer work and stamp work, which we hope you will appreciate as part of each product's individuality.

For inquiries

For inquiries regarding product guarantees, repairs, or exchanges, please contact from here or at the following address:

Dear Blossom Asakusa Store


TEL: 03-5830-6881
2-7-7 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033, 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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